For professional athletes and gym enthusiasts, there is no secret to the importance that is placed on good athletic footwear. Athletic footwear can turn a good jog into a great jog and a decent workout into an awesome workout. It is essential to be aware of the different aspects that one must be aware of while buying athletic shoes. So without further ado, here are five awesome tips to choose athletic shoes that are just right.


  1. Get A Shoe that Fulfills A Specific Purpose


One of the quickest ways to wear down a shoe is to have one shoe fulfill multiple purposes. Some shoes are designed differently depending on activity to help facilitate the performance of the actions for the activity. For example, it is wise to buy different shoes for running and walking. Due to the minimal impact of walking, walking shoes are generally made stiffer than many types of athletic shoes. On the other hand, running shoes offer more flexibility and cushioning to deal with the impact.


For basketball players and enthusiasts, one needs to get specific basketball shoes due to the design of the flat sole that allows for quick movements as well as the increased support around the ankles in order to ward off sprains.


  1. Set a Budget for My Shoes.


One can gain an advantage in choosing the appropriate footwear by having a budget in mind before going shopping for shoes. It is always good to plan ahead. In terms of getting a decent pair of shoes at a sporting goods store, one would be wise to prepare to invest about $50 – $100 in this area. As with any budget, one must exercise great discipline in order to stick to it. Cost is a significant factor with regards to choosing athletic shoes.


  1. Wear Own Socks


One of the major keys to find good athletic shoes at the sporting goods store is to wear the type of socks that will most likely be worn while engaging in physical activity. It is wise to do this because the sample socks at the sporting goods store may not be ideal. The sample socks may prevent an individual from spotting problems before they arise.


  1. Take a Good Deal of Time To Try On Shoes


There are so many options with regards to athletic shoes in the store that an individual has to carve out a good deal of time in order to make a good choice. Once one has determined his or her primary activity as well as a shoe budget, he or she can now target an ideal shoe with time as a friend. One should not rush or make hasty decisions regarding athletic footwear. Some of the worst decisions are hasty decisions. Try several different shoes across multiple brands. One may find that the brand that he or she has been wearing all along was not as good as compared to other brands.


  1. Know When A Shoe’s Time Is Up.


It is very essential to know when the appropriate time is to look for new athletic shoes. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine,athletic shoes should be replaced after 300-500 miles of running and walking. The agency also recommends replacing shoes after 45-60 hours of an athletic activity such as tennis, basketball or aerobics. One would be wise to replace athletic shoes within a year even if they are not worn on a regular basis.