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In today’s fashion, clothes are not what we wear. What we put on are the smiles and personality. Beyond clothes are humans making a statement. You can make a statement with any clothes you put on and still make the difference you want.

Making a statement with sportswear is no longer a new thing. As shown by Collected.Reviews, it is now a trend. You can decide to hop on it or not. If you ever decide to do that, however, you should read reviews on sportswear stores and follow this guide on how to make a statement about it.

What is Sportswear?

Also called activewear, these are clothes that are identified for sports and other forms of physical activities. As you would wear lingerie to a party, a dress to a ball, you would likewise need to put on sportswear for physical activities due to their comfort, convenience, and efficiency.

Sportswear has been subjective over the years. People put on what they think is sportswear. Unless regulated in professional sports, your sportswear can be anything. Personal sportswear has ranged from tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts, to polo shirts.

Different Types Of Sportswear

The different types of sportswear is informed by the different types of sports and functions you want it to achieve. Sportswear has grown over the years to accommodate the growth in sports and fashion.

Today, there is yoga clothing, athleisure, resort wear, and others that do not only function in sports but as well in other social settings such as the workplace, schools, and events.

Events You Can Put On Sportswear

Sportswear has shown to be a subtle revolution against the disdain and contempt shown to people who put on the wear. This revolution has been further pushed on by celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna.

While in the past, you could not put on sportswear to events other than physical activity events. Today, it is quite different. Here are some of the places you can style your sportswear to other than the gym:

  • Academic settings such as schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Outside for running errands and doing casual stuff.
  • Travel settings such as the airport, hotel, and so on.
  • Workplace such as your office.
  • Restaurants and other places of fun and games
  • Stores for shopping

Factors That Determine Your Statement

How you style your sportswear depends on your fashion statements. Here are some factors that inform your fashion statements.

  • Industry Trends: 

You’ll find many trends about sportswear and how they are styles if you keep looking.

  • Budget: 

Do you have enough to style your wear the way you want to? Budget informs style.

  • Personal Choice: 

Your choice is another factor. You may decide to make a statement according to a celebrity or be experimental about it.

Fashion Stylist: Who styles your fashion products? Get a stylist that knows the real deal.


Sportswear is no longer meant for the gym. You can put it on to several settings and events. But you need to be aware of your choices.