Black Friday can be a bad experience for fashionistas who are unaware of what to look out for in their purchases. Fake discounts, bogus ads, and other phishing scams lurk among Black Friday promotions especially when it comes to fashion products. The hustle and bustle of Black Friday notwithstanding, there is need for shoppers to be wary so as not to fall victims of scams that may have been laid as traps during one of the biggest sales periods of the year. 


Make a list

Whether you will be shopping online or visiting the stores at this time, do not forget to have a list handy. The list is to prevent distractions that can result in the purchase of items that are not a necessity while the important once are left unbought. Items such as the Radley watch strap may get lost in the frenzy of buying fashionable items, even when it is at highly discounted prices. 


Don’t Forget to Compare Prices

Some fashion companies do not hesitate to inflate the original price of their clothing to display more attractive promotions, a technique that is not only linked to Black Friday sales. To avoid being fooled by inflated promotions, it’s best to compare the price of an item with what is was some few weeks ago. Comparing prices will give you an overview of the general price of the product before the implementation of the Black Friday discounts and while the promotion may not be as attractive as the company suggests, the offer can still be beneficial. For online research, nothing could be simpler, just go to price comparators such as ShopSavvy and view the price curve. You can also compare the base price on Radley with other stores, this will give you an overview of the general price of the product outside of Black Friday.


Avoid false advertisements

As we said, sales periods are good times for online scams. Some unscrupulous organizations are betting on the enthusiasm of buyers to fill their pockets. For online shoppers, some relatively dubious sites display fashion products at ridiculous prices. It would be crazy not to take advantage of such promotions but when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It is possible that the clothing and accessories on sale do not correspond at all to what you will receive. You should learn more about such websites by visiting UK’s Review Platform. 


Don’t fall for a phishing attempt

Hackers can also target victims via email. These mails promise unbelievable prices to push their victims to websites and enter their bank details. They can for example, set the price of a Gucci bag at $10 to lure you to their trap.

Unfortunately, in the event of a phishing attempt, the sites are bogus and are only used to retrieve user credentials. It is essential to verify the sender’s address, but also to pay attention to certain elements in the email that could alarm you, in particular, spelling errors or the use of a dated logo of the company.