7 Simple Rules to Live by to Get in Shape in Two Weeks

Getting fit is one of the most critical steps to take for healthy living. However, there are several hiccups to achieving this “fit” state that meets the eye. Having a well-constructed body and chiseled abs is exceptionally great, but do you understand what it takes to achieve this state?

Many people love the idea of getting fit but they later get discouraged by the challenges it poses. Nevertheless, the post is here to highlight the challenges many fitness enthusiasts face while working out.

Most of these difficulties and challenges revolve around commitment and dedication. One way to solve this problem is to find a good fitness company. Because there are so many of them, it’s best to read fitness companies reviews in the US to find out which one can help you reach your fitness goals faster.

We read through some of the user reviews and feedback on fitness companies at US-Reviews and found that these are the top four most challenging parts of getting fit.

The Diet

How hard could it be to eat the right diet? If you must know, sticking to a specific planned diet and routine is pretty challenging. If you are trying to add up muscle, you might find it challenging to eat more often. And if you are trying to reduce your size, you face the opposite problem.

Unlike before your “get fit plan,” you are more conscious about when you eat, how you eat, and what you eat. You will have to prepare meals before each workout session. Some experts suggest that the hardest part is that you will have to restrict yourself to a diet plan.

No more junk and unnecessary, unhealthy meals.

Motivation and Discipline

This part is pretty challenging – not many people feel motivated to get up every morning for a few workouts. It takes the right amount of discipline and motivation to stick to a routine that causes pain to your body. However, know that this specific issue is a general one among people trying to get fit, even expert exercisers.

The way to overcome a lackadaisical attitude towards fitness routines can be by:

  • Joining a group fitness class.
  • Creating and sticking to a workout schedule.
  • Starting with less strenuous workouts.
  • Making your workout sessions fun – using music can help.

The Wait

There’s nothing more challenging than the wait. You could be working out daily, and it is already seven days, and you are yet to see results. For beginners, seven days of consistent workout can be utterly lengthy with no appearing results.

While this is no new thought in getting fit, it often discourages many people from exercises. The fitness journey can often feel like an eternal one, and for what cause? Most people hope to see changes to their bodies within a week, which doesn’t always turn out that way.

Some ways to overcome the long wait include:

  • Set short, small-term goals.
  • Record your progress by taking pictures.
  • Never compare yourself with others.

The Exercise

This is the number one challenge to getting fit. Why? For people who have never gotten involved in any form of exercise, engaging in workout sessions proves to be challenging. The intensity of each workout session causes your muscles to get strained and sore.

Depending on the fitness routine, your body will likely get torn apart by different strenuous tasks you will face. The excessive sweat, energy exerted, and body weakness from trying to get fit discourages people from continuing.


Getting and maintaining fitness is one aspect of life craved for by many people. However, the journey to achieving the “fit” lifestyle is often challenging and discouraging for some. Even after attaining a fit look, retaining the look proves a more difficult thing to do.

Nevertheless, having an understanding of the above-mentioned hardest parts of exercising can be beneficial to helping you overcome the struggles. Finally, there are some stereotypes attached to first-time exercisers in the gym – all you need is to get over this perception.