We all have that one perfect piece of clothing we would want to last forever and ever. However, most modern clothes get worn out quickly which leaves most of us in frustration since we have to go through the hassles of shopping for new clothing all over again. Here are some foolproof ways to make your favourite clothes last long:

Buy Quality From The Onset

When shopping for clothes, make sure you do research the best-reviewed clothing such as this dxl online reviews and take your pick. Also, your elders such as your grandparents might have a good idea on which brands last longest, ask them. Check for defects in the clothing before you buy and make sure to try the clothes on before purchasing. Buying oversized or undersized clothes will lead to visits to the tailor who in turn modify the garment in a way that will not sustainably last.

A $200 perfectly fitting pants is better than ten $20 cheap low-quality pants. The first will last way longer.

Washing Your Clothes

  • Use cold freshwater – according to several stores men’s fashion store reviews this will wash your garment clean leaving it usable for another day. However, if you use hard water, this is a recipe that will destroy the fibres making your cloth age faster
  • Reduce detergent use – use small amounts of mild detergents to wash the cloth, just enough to remove dirt, no more. Too much detergent causes abrasion to the fibres weakening them.
  • Wash inside out – wash your clothes with the inside turned out so that only the inside get brushed upon, while the outside retains its strength. Also, hang them outside in the sun to dry in the same arrangement to avoid the sun’s rays beating upon the outside parts of your clothes. That way, even if damage or fading occurs, it occurs on the inner parts that you can hide.

Stain Removal Pen

Always strive to have your clothes stainless. This reduces the number of times you will have to wash it thus weakening it. A stain removal pen will help you get rid of stains quickly before they become permanent.

Skip The Dryer

Avoid drying clothes using the electric dryer as this weakens them quickly. Hang your clothes out in the sun to dry slowly.

Avoid Too Much Perfume

Perfume is okay when applied in moderation but too much quantity ruin clothes. Perfumes mix with sweat to create sticky grime on the collar and armpit areas that are hard to remove by washing. This mixture weakens the fabrics leading to the short shelf life of your clothes.

Know Your Fabrics

Clothes contain labels explaining the materials they are constituted of. Research and learn how to take care of different types of materials so that your clothes can have good chances of lasting longer due to better care. These labels also show how you should care for your clothing including terms for washing it – machine or hand wash and whether you can dry it with a drier or in the sun and whether the material can be ironed.

Store In A Cool Dry Place

Storage is important since it determines how your clothing will age. Keep your washed and dried clothes in a cool, dry place for optimum performance.