Golfing is more than a sport now – it has become a way of relaxation for many people. But to enjoy it, there are some accessories that every golf player should have to make playing more fun and interesting.

There’s a wide range of selection of accessories that could make buying one difficult. On reviews Rock Bottom Golf, you’ll find some products and accessories, as well as opinions of previous customers about them and how they could be useful to you. Asides from picking these accessories yourself, some online shop reviews are there to guide you through making the right decisions.

In this article, we’ll be considering 7 must-have accessories for golfers.

  1. Divot Tool: As a golf player, the divot tool is one accessory you must have. The tool has two metal prongs that are usually inserted into the grass and then the edge pushed together to close the gap. When playing, golfers brush off the grass with the clubs and there are scrapes, which can leave an indentation. But, with the divot tool, the indentation could be fixed.
  2. Clubs: What’s golf without golf clubs? The golf club is used to strike the golf ball to different extents. It is composed of a shaft with a hold and a club head. There are various types of golf clubs including wood, hybrids, irons, wedges, and plutter, all of which comes with several functions.
  3. Tees: The golf tee is a thick wooden or plastic stand with about 2-3inches in height. It is used to support and elevate the golf ball when playing the first stroke of the hole.
  4. Golf Trunk Organizer: As a newbie or pro. Imagine, not having your golf gloves, cheese, balls and shoes and other accessories in one sport. The golf trunk organizer will prevent your gears from getting lost and having them in one spot.
  5. Club Brushes: From playing, clubs can get extremely dirty and might even rust. Having a club brush is very essential in keeping your clubs clean. The common club brushes have two different bristles for different functions. The side with the hard bristle is used for removing difficult rust while the softer bristle part is used for cleaning dirt on the surface. To keep your clubs in good shape, it is advisable to have your clubs cleaned after every two shots or after every round.
  6. Balls: As a golfer, it is necessary to have your bag loaded with several balls. The golf ball is made from rubber and covered with plastic, and is of two types which are the two piece that is good for players with slow swing speed and the three piece or four piece are made for low handicap players.
  7. Golf Gloves: The gold glove is recommended for both pros and newbies. Wearing gloves reduces the chances of having blisters. Depending on the weather, the winter gloves are made to keep your hand warm while the rain gloves resist moisture. The glove is worn on the lead hand.

These are just a few must have accessories for golfers. We hope you enjoyed reading this, and have a great time playing golf.