As the world evolves and does away with its sex-bias and male-centricity, women’s sports have begun seeing more participants and garnering attention.

Ten years ago, it would be difficult to find a large number of women who thought sports could put food on their table and want to participate in it. You would find a lesser number of people, if you looked for, who knew or had any favorite female athlete back then. Compared to what it used to be, many women now see playing soccer or playing basketball as a viable career alternative to a career more academic in design.

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To show how women sports have grown in recent years, we will be taking a look at the top seven women sports currently in the United States.

  1. Soccer: The United States is arguably the biggest platform for women’s sport in the world. It owes in no small part to the success women have brought to the United States through sport. The United States Soccer Women Team have won World Cups, and when the United States Women Soccer teams step on the pitch, every other country frets. Two of the biggest names are Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe.
  2. Gymnastics: American Women are popular in the gymnastics world with high expectations in any tournament. They are expected to win or be among the top performers.
  3. Basketball: Basketball is a popular sport in America. Though the men are more known, the women’s division is popular too, and they have recorded a number of successes recently.
  4. Boxing: Women’s boxing has always existed in the world and America. Barbara Buttrick was a world champion as far back as the 40s, showing that women’s boxing has always existed. The sporting activity met some hurdle by sexist bodies who didn’t believe women had business in a ring. Today, women’s boxing is becoming more and more popular as it has been seen to be just as riveting and bloody as the male version of the sport. However, its popularity has recently been hit by the success of Women’s MMA.
  5. Volleyball: The United States has a massive platform for volleyball. They’ve recorded success in the tournaments they’ve been in, and it is a profitable sporting activity to go into.
  6. Table Tennis: Table Tennis is a vital sporting activity played in the United States and is popularly known as ping-pong. Women are prominent ambassadors of the sport.
  7. Ice-Hockey: Ice-Hockey is another sport growing among Women in America. There is a national team, and the competition for places is very steep.

Women’s sport will continue to experience massive growth as the world is now tending towards fairness among men and women. The entry barrier for women into sports will no longer be as high as it used to be.